About -

Peace - Sex - Techno

We are Verrücktlichkeit or VLK for short. We are Berliner collective of hedonistic party creatures, who make accessories designed sex-positve  party people who aren't afraid to stand out.

Our work is very personal.  We make everything by hand in our studio in Berlin and wear it out for long nights in Berliner clubs before offering it.  VLK is more of a collective than a business, and in such we want to get in touch with you.  We do custom work at reasonable prices, just write us.  Also contact us if you are a photographer, performance artist, social media influencer,  or other type of creative who is inspired by our work and would like to collaborate.  We also do sex-positive performance art and installation work at events.  Facebook and Instagram are the best way to get in touch.  

To learn more about our performance art and collective, check out: http://collective.vlk.berlin